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BeatJugglers Movements


Movements is a Blog about the Movements of the BeatJugglers.

First Gig:12-06-15 supporting (Hawklords)

The first proper rehearsalPosted by Tribaleditor Sun, June 21, 2015 03:06:12

Well what a night that was.. we both were blown away by the reception and appreciation of the Hawklords crowd.. (you rock)!!
A massive thanks to The Hawklords for letting us support them.
A massive big up thanks to the crowd.
And a massive big up and thanks to Bob for booking us in the first place (your a star mate)..
It was our very first crowd, and even though it was near on impossible to actually see them with the spots on us, we defo knew they were there.. (all the time)!!
Really looking forward to Dance4Life on the 11th of July now.. Phat sound system and possibly some very special's all for a good cause...smiley

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