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BeatJugglers Movements


Movements is a Blog about the Movements of the BeatJugglers.

Next Gig 29-08-15

The first proper rehearsalPosted by Tribaleditor Mon, August 17, 2015 13:01:20

Our next Gig is: Small World Festival

A last min booking for this weekend... (Saturday night)...

Saturday 29th Aug,
Headcorn, Kent.

Celebrating our 25th glorious festival...

A five day festival of creative spirit & sustainable living.
Powered by the wind and sun.

Held on a beautiful site deep in Kent.
Intimate, intense, warm and colourful, the way festival goers love.
Small and safe so parents and children can relax and have fun

A sustainable community celebrating the sheer joy of creativity, trust and love.
An intoxicating blend of performers, artists, healers, craftspeople, colourful characters, jesters, magicians, families and party people.

All run off the equivalent of one kettle