BeatJugglers Movements

BeatJugglers Movements


Movements is a Blog about the Movements of the BeatJugglers.

First Gig:12-06-15 supporting (Hawklords)

The first proper rehearsalPosted by Tribaleditor Sun, June 21, 2015 03:06:12

Well what a night that was.. we both were blown away by the reception and appreciation of the Hawklords crowd.. (you rock)!!
A massive thanks to The Hawklords for letting us support them.
A massive big up thanks to the crowd.
And a massive big up and thanks to Bob for booking us in the first place (your a star mate)..
It was our very first crowd, and even though it was near on impossible to actually see them with the spots on us, we defo knew they were there.. (all the time)!!
Really looking forward to Dance4Life on the 11th of July now.. Phat sound system and possibly some very special's all for a good cause...smiley

Rehearsal 3

The first proper rehearsalPosted by Tribaleditor Sun, June 07, 2015 02:44:56
Went really well today, lots of things to sort out and get right, but think we got everything covered.
We both have home work to do for Thursday.. our last get together before our warm up Gig this Friday night.. were feeling really exited about supporting such a major Band..

Rehearsal 2

The first proper rehearsalPosted by Tribaleditor Mon, June 01, 2015 00:10:46
Rehearsal 2 under our belts..
A mad day / evening with some real volume.. just what the Doctor ordered..

Logo Competition

The first proper rehearsalPosted by Tribaleditor Sat, May 23, 2015 13:24:08

The aim is simple, we need a Logo made for our new Electronic Band Project called BeatJugglers.

BeatJugglers is made up from Tribaleditor AKA Dj Tech, and JJW a classically trained pianist.
Together we produce a sound unique to our self's, with a feel of Tribal Trance Techno and a fresh uplift of piano.
Our aim is to keep people smiling and dancing for as long as possible.

If you have an idea for a LOGO please email us at:

The prize for the winner is:
£30 cash
A copy of our forthcoming Album
A T-shit

"Closing Date for this competition is June 29th"

We are really exited to be able to bring you the chance to be apart of our history..

We already have confirmed bookings this year starting with our debut first ever play-out at Dance4Life, closely followed up by BoomTown, and then hopefully Illusive (not confirmed) at the end of the Fezzy season.

Thanks in advance from both of us..
we can't wait to see your idea's..

May the best LOGO win.. and good luck and Respects.


The first proper rehearsalPosted by Tribaleditor Tue, April 07, 2015 00:41:08
The domain has been purchase and the site building has begun.

First rehearsal

The first proper rehearsalPosted by Tribaleditor Mon, April 06, 2015 21:39:50
Well im just recovering from our first full rehearsal.. what a windstorm that was.
We both had a pretty good idea what we both wanted and needed, but a mountain of little glitches had to be overcome before we could hit the live-Jam level.. (had to be done).
But we did and it just gave us our first full on glimpse of the potential of fun laid out before us this year.

There is a rumbling a foot...

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